LED Control

This tutorial shows how to control a LED with your Android using Droid Ei .

Upload Droid Ei emulator to your I/O board

This section assumes you are familiar with the Arduino application and the process of uploading new programs ('sketches') to the I/O board. If you are new to Arduino, please first see the Getting Started section for your platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) on the Arduino website.
  • Upload this EmulateEi code into your I/O board.
  • EmulateEi is common for all project.
  • Creating a device

    After registering in Droid Ei, login to your Account and follow these steps.
  • Click on New Project. Name you new project as LED Control.
  • Add a new button from the top right of the window.
  • Click on the Button to edit the event & button style. Rename to 'ON'
  • Add this event digitalWrite(3,HIGH); ( You can use any pin ).
  • Do similar for 'OFF' Button with this event digitalWrite(3,LOW);.
  • Arrange the button position by dragging them.
  • Click on Save to save your project.
  • Click on Upload to make your program ready for Droid Ei mode.
  • Wire a LED to your I/O board

    Wire up the LED with the I/O board to right pin you mentioned in code.

    Setting up Droid Ei App

  • Install Droid Ei App from Google Play store.
  • Login with your account.
  • Connect the Board with your mobile using USB Host.

  • It shows "Allow the app Droid Ei to access the USB accessory". Click on 'OK'
  • Select LED Control project from the list.
  • Choose Droid Ei Mode.( In Board mode you need to upload program to the I/O board as normal. )

  • Press the ON and OFF button to see the action.

  • ON Button triggered

    OFF Button triggered

    Import this Project

    To import this demo project
  • Goto your Account.
  • Click on Import.
  • Use this Project hash to import.
       Hash: 0c4cf877ac36c1e47b7e1a7a129089b5
  • Click on Import.